Ahad, 10 Julai 2011

From the deep heart..

"Ya Allah if he's meant for me and i meant for him let us be to be together in ijabkabul"

"Ya Allah if we are not meant to be together, please avoid us from seeing each other..."

"Ya Allah if he's the right person for me let his iman be the one i adores and let him make my way easier to jannah"..

"Ya Allah if he's not the right one for me,show him the right way so that he can lead others instead"

~Only He know what the best for us in our life,as a slave we have to pray and do "solat istikharah" so that He can guide us to the truth path..Sometimes it is so hard to think about "the partner" of our life as we always want the best.But for me,to get the pious partner,we also must be a good and pious too.Hope we all get the truth "imam" so that he can lead us to the journey of life in this "addunia" wa "alakhirat"~

~From heart to heart @ asrar qalbi....