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*Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh*
*Men r from Makkah,Women r from Medina  VS  Men r from Mars,Women r from Venus*

Nice picture with an awesome explaination..really adore with this...I guess that all of us know about the bestseller book of John Gray, Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus. This book can be a superb guide for understanding male-female relationships.Dats why i like the way of the writer look up for the different between the "two charges".Btw, i just want to share a short note that i get from the fb link with a nice version by  islamic perspectives..  Let us check it out :

Mekka is a hard, dry land – Much like this, men are generally dry and don’t know how to cry. If they do, they don’t want to show it and instead keep all the pain within them under the guise of masculinity.
Medina is soft, with water flowing beneath it and the rain is consistent throughout its seasons – Which reflects women who can easily cry and they’re not scared to show their emotions. In fact, under the guise of femininity they display their emotions regularly.
Mekka has a harsh climate; it’s rough and known to be a mountainous area – Men’s beauty lies in their masculinity, power strength and ruggedness. This is what makes them attractive and allows them to lead effectively.
Medina is lush, full of splendour and serenity – Women are known to be peaceful, full of serenity and their femininity makes them beautiful.
Mekka’s main emotion is `izzah, they are full of honour and will do anything to protect it. They like to be respected and acknowledged, this is what motivates them to excel as individuals.
Medina is full of sukoon, the people are known for their softness. Women are generally more loving and caring; they’re soft by nature and will generally give more than they receive.
Differences in Qur’anic verses
Mekkan (Makiyyah) verses are short, straight to the point and general.
Medinan (Madaniyyah) verses are long, detailed and at times they keep going on, and on.

*ADAM n HAWA , they are complement to be together*

p/s : I just hope that one day the're another book of "this" with a full islamic version.For sure i will be the first reader. Maybe John Gray would also have a new competition..=)

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