Jumaat, 4 Januari 2013

praise to Him


*Alhamdulillah *

Praise to Allah for what He give to us today..indeed, u know, He always give what we need not we want..Sometimes, we don't ever say "thank you", "Alhamdulillah" for the best gift from Him..instead, we always complain..

*Just reflect ourself back*

Back to the point...Think to be ponder..

"I guess no human in this world will make a dua'/ pray to give an oxygen (to breath), instead without ask, He give us and it's FREE..no charge for it"
So, no matter what we do  good or bad deeds, He always give to us..He does'nt "charge" us to pay for every second that we use to breath but we do not really  appreciate the "nikmah".As a mukmin, we believe that He is the only one that we need to worship (that is the way to pay n enhanced our performance in good deeds + be a great mukmin). What happen if one day, we can't breath anymore ??is it we can "create" the Oxygen by ourself or buy from others??

The answer is truelly NO..No matter how genius u r in chemistry or profesional scientist..u can't create the natural beautiful molecules create from Him...even there r some scientist proved that we can make oxygen by ourself like this..

"get some normal everyday Hydrogen Peroxide from the chemists (pharmacy) the sort used to clean wounds.open up an ordinary zinc/carbon battery, take out the black stuff and add it to your peroxide, it will react instantly giving zillions of bubbles, they will all be pure Oxygen"

( its just like electrolysis process that we learn in chemistry subject if i'm not forgetten..already rindu plak nak stadi chemistry balik. ..just recap what we learn in old school)


the oxygen that we create r not  NATURALLY made compared to His creation...Indeed, He is the best creator and nobody in this world can challenge it..Ala fi kulli hal..just for sharing n May Allah give us a guide to lead us to "siratol mustaqim"

p/s : Sometimes one picture can give a thousands meaning to each person in this world, look with ur "heart" and insyaAllah u will see the greatness of the creator..subhanallah

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